2013 Skincare Resolutions


by Rachel Ramirez

It’s February and the year is still young. Most of us made the usual New Year’s Resolutions of losing weight and saving money, but don’t forget to maintain what you have: your health, and, most importantly, your largest organ, skin. Our skin is a reflection of our health and well-being, both with facial and body skincare. This year, resolve to:

Use SPF every day – Even in the middle of winter, when the sun is less aggressive, and even if you get less than two hours of sun exposure every day and work indoors. Remember, any exposure to sun adds up over the years! An SPF 15-20 is still the most commonly found in moisturizers, but I recommend one with a minimum SPF 30, even during winter, since the sun seems to get more aggressive each year. That goes for all skin tones and types and teens as well adults. Don’t like the feel of a liquid sunscreen? Consider a mineral powder sunscreen. One to try: Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 45 ($30).

Remove all make-up before going to bed – Even when you’re curled up in bed with your favorite book and too tired to get up and cleanse, keep a set of make-up removing wipes by the bedside. Ones to try: Philosophy Purity Made Simple wipes ($15).

Avoid using a face moisturizer as an eye cream – The skin under the eyes is three times thinner than the skin on the face. A face moisturizer won’t absorb as easily and could clog the delicate skin, possibly causing milia, the little white bumps that look like acne under the eyes or on the lid. Remember, eyes are a focal point – they reflect if we didn’t get enough sleep or are too dehydrated, so use a product especially for the eyes. One to try: Clinique All About Eyes ($30-$50).

Switch out your winter and summer skincare products – Just like we have our winter boots and coats and summer dresses, consider using different formulas of skincare cleansers and moisturizers for each of these seasons. One of the newest trends in facial skincare are gel-creams: they offer the feel of a water-soluble gel but hydrate like a cream, minus the heavy texture. One to try: Peter Thomas Roth Laser-Free Resurfacer Moisturizing Gel-Cream ($68).

Don’t forget body products – We all love warmer showers and the feel of fires and heaters, but this can melt away any moisture left and leave us with parched, Velco-textured skin. Switch to a daily shower gel that’s alcohol-free, exfoliate 1-2 times per week and instead of a body lotion, use a body butter that’s lightweight yet hydrating. Ones to try: Korres Showergels (alcohol-free, and contain wheat, aloe vera, and Vitamin E, $19.50), Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator ($22) and Soap and Glory Butter Yourself Body Cream (a resurfacing and brightening body butter with the scent of citrus and fig, $20).

Rachel Ramirez has written for Modern Latina since 2006, in addition to Carefair.com.  Many of her articles reflect her interest and specialty in skin, beauty, and nutrition.  Rachel received her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from San Jose State University and currently is a skincare expert with Sephora.