Cinequest 2017 It’s a Wrap



by Eydie Mendoza

Prom King, 2010


“Because every boy’s first love is a dinosaur.”

We explore the world through Charlie, a 20 year old, living in New York City, who innocently falls for some cheesy pick-up lines, in this modern coming of age film by Director/Writer/Actor Christopher Schaap.

If you don’t find love in high school then there is an insistent voice that urges us to find our soulmate immediately after school. Schaap truly conveys that, seemingly endless, longing on the screen.

Charlie has a circle of tightknit friends, a supportive mother, and various love and casual encounters in his search for “the one.”

He finally meets someone special, “Where it gets all stoppy and slowmotiony … “

Seeking love is something most of us do; we look for the missing puzzle piece in our life, sometimes so much so that we forget to savor our other experiences.

On the trial and error of looking for love with all those hit and misses.

Join Charlie in quest for love in Prom King, 2010 through his hit and misses with friends of friends and strangers. Find out if Charlie gets his man.

PROM KING, 2010 Official Trailer from Christopher Schaap on Vimeo.

Histeria / Hysteria


(United States Premier) Mexico in Spanish with English subtitles

A dark film pushing flight or flight to the extreme, masterfully done by Carlos Meléndez.

Federico debuts as a mild mannered endearing husband who’s meek demeanor subjects him to being bullied by his wife, his employer, and ultimately, the source, his father.

Each one of theses characters is unlikable in their own way. The audience can empathize with him. We move right beside him up until he reaches the turning point where he is fed up and goes into flight mode beyond comprehension, hence the film title, Histeria / Hysteria.

Federico and his wife move into a new home, and like many couples have hopes of starting a family. Their bliss is quickly assaulted by neighborhood punks. And that’s just the beginning, the storyline carries the audience along throughout the days meeting some horrible people.

It’s not necessarily about the moment when one switches from flight to fight, but Histeria is extreme and intoxicating, to a point of no return.

Get an adrenaline rush and cringe as sweet revenge becomes an irreversible high, something like never before.

HISTERIA (LARGOMETRAJE) from Carlos Meléndez on Vimeo.

Quality Problems


Everyone has problems and some of us have more than others. Our support system and how we handle them makes all the difference in the world.

“The thing about being strong, … you begin to forget how to stop.”Bailey is a powerhouse. Her strength is intimidating.

It seems like Bailey, played by Brooke Purdy, has met her match when she’s diagnosed with breast cancer, again.

This “When life gives you lemons” type of story written and directed by Purdy, is deep and lighthearted.

“I pee my pants every time I sneeze,” Bailey tells her dad.

Unfortunately and fortunately, life’s ups and downs don’t stop when we are ill and we experience things that are beyond our control. Her dad has dementia and is progressively getting worse, her surgery get’s pushed up to the same day as her daughter, Scout’’s eighth birthday party and they are running low on funds.

When it all starts to unravel, and she feels like she’s losing control, she catches herself making things more difficult.

“Stop!” A family friend says, “Yo ass got problems. But they’re quality problems!”

No matter how strong and controlling we are, we have to deal with what may come our way, and it hurts, but life goes on. This drama/comedy conveys the struggles of a loving family and how to roll with the punches.

Quality Problems Trailer from Jen Prince on Vimeo.

The Valley (World Premiere)


Set in SIlicon Valley, this film captures a passage of a different kind, as a father, Neal, embarks on  journey searching for his daughter’s untold story, he unveils his own void.

This beautifully filmed drama by Saila Kariat, Director/Producer/Screenwriter, captivates the audience with a bit of mystery, in wanting to know what happened to his daughter.

Neal lost sight of the prize he was aiming for but he lost touch with the things that mattered to him the most.

Who doesn’t wonder, “What happens when one actually keeps up with the Joneses?” He’s got it all. The mansion in Palo Alto, a high profile position in high tech, a beautiful wife, daughters and evan a maid.

In a brief conversation, Kariat said what inspired her were her loved ones and being part of the valley.

Bring your family to this must see film, and experience the story as it unfolds.

All images courtesy of Cinequest 2017.