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Supplementing My Freelance Career

Tamika Burgess shares about her decision to get a part-time job while she continues to pursue her freelance writing and editing career.

Taking it to Another Level

by Tamika Burgess May 3rd of 2011 will always be a significant day to me. It was the day I started my blog. The Essence of Me was started out of a need for expression. Back then I had no real direction for my blog; I didn’t know any other bloggers, didn’t care anything about… [Continue Reading]

How I Keep Stress from Ruling My Body

Stress is often referred to as the “silent killer” for a reason. It can stay in the back of our minds for a while, only to show up without warning. A personal story about how stress turned our writer’s world upside down and the steps she has taken to change her life after the incident.

Embracing My Widow’s Peak

Many of us have a feature that we may be uncomfortable with. Our writer shares her perspective on embracing her widow’s peak.

I’m Scared to Have Children

Having children is one of the most amazing blessings but deciding to have a baby can be scary. From the moment you become pregnant, you begin to worry about your baby’s health and safety. Once your baby arrives you worry even more because they are out in the world and you cannot be with them every moment. Our writer talks about why she is scared to have children.

My Parents Helped Me Realize My American Dream

Many families come to the United States for better opportunities for themselves and their children. Here is a personal story from our contributing writer about her parent’s journey from Panama and how their decision to move to the “Land of the Free” allowed, inspired and encouraged her to pursue her own dreams.

Why Facebook Annoys Me

Facebook is now so much a part of everyone’s daily social interactions. In this article, our writer shares her experiences with posts that are just T.M.I. (too much information).