Don’t Just Rise, #RiseANDShine, Encouragement App for Women

Danielle Valenzuela-Rodriguez is on a mission to encourage women to achieve their dreams with her recently developed #RiseANDShine encouragement app. With the app women will live an inspired life starting their day on a positive note.

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Andrea Coto Founder of Latinxs in Engineering

From her own experience and the fact that Latinos are underrepresented in all engineering fields, Andrea Coto was inspired to start Latinxs in Engineering. This educational project aims to help Latinxs engineering students here in the U.S. by informing them of various educational and professional opportunities as scholarships, internships, workshops, and more.

Martha Hernandez Visionary Behind madeBOS

Meet Martha Hernandez the visionary behind madeBOS, a software platform that empowers employees to proactively manage their career development.

Chandra Brooks: The Social-Preneur

This month’s featured Modern Latina Chandra Brooks is on a mission to empower community leaders and activist now for our cities, counties, schools and neighborhoods. Her passion for the community, civil rights, social justice issues, and civic engagement for the underserved and disenfranchised has prepared her for her new role as The Social-Preneur.

5 Tech Gadgets That Will Improve Your Daily Life #LoveYourLife

As we approach the end of another year, many of us take a moment to reflect and try to find solutions for a better year.  Some of us can’t always control what happens to us, life can sometimes be hard.  But as humans, we survive and figure out how to deal with life’s challenges. Luckily… [Continue Reading]

Planning the Memorable Holiday Party

Christina Romero, owner and founder of Signature Events by Christina Romero, shares her expertise to plan a memorable holiday party in this month’s #LoveYourLife series.

Dia de Los Muertos – A time of power, reflection, and celebration

We are extremely honored to feature Juana Bordas as Modern Latina’s #LoveYourLife contributor. Juana is the author of two award winning books: Salsa, Soul, and Spirit: Leadership for a Multicultural Age and The Power of Latino Leadership. Juana shares the spiritual significance of Latinas connecting to our antepasados and the power of our ancestry.

Personal Branding 101

Marketing and communications professional Guisselle Nuñez talks about the importance of taking charge of your personal brand in this month’s #LoveYourLife series. She shares some great tips on how to guide your brand along with a challenge where one lucky Modern Latina reader will have a chance to win a professional headshot by SanJosestock!

Navigating Change #LoveYourLife

Lorraine Ladish, founder of Viva Fifty! and published author of 17 books shares insight about navigating change in this month’s #LoveYourLife series.

Preserving the Spanish Language for the Next Generation #LoveYourLife

María Esperanza Harrington, founder and owner of CASA de ESPAÑOL, Center for Language and Culture (CASA) contributes to this month’s #LoveYourLife series with an article to keep our next generation connected to the Spanish language. She shares useful and easy habits to make learning a second (or third) language part of your lifestyle.