Healthy Desk Makeover #V8LlenodeSabor

V8 V-Fusion® is 100% juice and for an 8oz glass serving it has ½ cup fruit and/or vegetables making it an easy, healthy addition to your daily routine. #V8LlenodeSabor

Racing Extinction

Oscar®-winner Louie Psihoyos (The Cove) assembled a team of artists and activists intent on showing the world never-before-seen images that expose issues of endangered species and mass extinction. Racing Extinction premiered on December 2, 2015. Missed it? Check out the trailer and find out how you can watch the movie.

World Oceans Day 2015: Take the Better Bag Challenge

Recently, the Monterey Bay Aquarium celebrated World Oceans Day with its annual Cooking for Solutions event. The event was a weekend celebration with festivities that focused on sustainable and organic food from land and sea. Through these culinary experiences, guests explored how their everyday food choices can help the health of the oceans. To learn… [Continue Reading]

Caring for Your Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s: The Story of Gerardo

June marks Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month and we are sharing a touching story about Gerardo Joven who was diagnosed at the early age of 50. His daughters share their experience caring for their father with Early – Onset Alzheimer’s Disease.

National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month #StayTeen

May is national Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month and we are sharing some bilingual resources to help you start the conversation about love, sex and relationships with your teens. #stayteen

Make Every Day Earth Day!

Simple lifestyle changes you can do to make every day Earth Day.

Hispanic Women More at Risk for Aggressive Forms of Breast Cancer

To help Hispanic women and their families get the information they need to understand their risk, get screened and make healthy choices, website continues the final month of it’s 90-day breast cancer awareness in April. The (HHL) A Passionate Pursuit of Prevention campaign focuses on educating Latinas and their families to help improve these outcomes, in partnership with City of Hope, Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), Latinas Contra Cancer, and ThinkNow Research.

Mommy on the Go #FitToPlay

The new Playtex® Sport® are great for mommies on the go and active teens too. #FitToPlay

Blogger Spotlight: PLANTA by Laurie Scolari

After beating breast cancer, Laurie Scolari launched Planta, a blog focused on plant based meals with a Mexican twist to help others live a healthy, cancer-free lifestyle.

The Top 10 Money Tips for Latinas in Love

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone but we wanted to share these important money tips for Latinas in love.