Christmas in the Park a Family Tradition



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It has always been a family tradition to go to Christmas in the Park. Located in downtown San Jose, this park has been a part of the community for over 34 years. The park is illuminated with lights and beautifully decorated Christmas trees. It’s fun to look at all the trees and search out the ones that were decorated by my high school. Whenever I go there I feel a sense of nostalgia, happiness and it’s a great way to start the Christmas season.

Christmas in the Park

Christmas-in-Park-2My parents use to take me to Christmas in the Park and now I was continuing the tradition bringing my little one. Last year was the first time that I took my baby girl to see the winter wonderland. I loved sharing the experience with three generations, my parents, my little one and me. We had such a wonderful time and my daughter was in awe looking at all the lights, displays and enjoying the rides.

I love wintertime and all the activities that I can do with my daughter. One thing that I must do especially during the winter months is to keep my baby’s skin moisturized during the cold months. My little one has always had sensitive skin. I remember when she was about six months old she had a small case of eczema. From that point on, I had to ensure that her skin was always protected and moisturized.

JOHNSON’s Intense Moisture Cream

To prevent your baby’s skin from becoming dry and chapped from the harsh cold weather, help protect your baby’s skin JOHNSON’s Intense Moisture Cream. I make it part of my daughter’s nightly routine. First a warm calming bath followed by a layer of JOHNSON’s Intense Moisture Cream applied to all over her skin so that her skin moisturizes while she is sleeping.

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