Image courtesy of Prodigal Daughter.

Prodigal Daughter is a feature length film documenting Mabel Valdiviezo’s journey from feeling lost and helpless to reconciling with her family, embracing her Latina identity, and finding healing in her heart. This project is seeking funding for post-production of the film and right now Beacon will provide 1:1 matching funds to help bring this film to fruition.

An artful and emotional story, Prodigal Daughter brings a new perspective to the immigration debate: the mental health challenges shaping immigrant communities today. Our film humanizes these millions of women and men who come to live in the U.S by bringing to light their personal experiences, adversities, and dreams. After an incredibly successfully work-in-progress screening at UC Berkeley’s 10th Summer Institute on Migration and Health this June – we have been invited to bring our film to several community centers across the US.

“Valdiviezo’s story, and those of other immigrant women, reinforces the link between migration and mental health” –Xotchil Castañeda, Director, UC Berkeley’s Health Initiative of the Americas

“An utterly moving & powerful film” –Berkeley Film Foundation



Prodigal Daughter tells the story of a filmmaker’s reconciliation with her Peruvian family after sixteen years as an undocumented immigrant in California. Fleeing war-torn Peru in the 1990’s as a young woman, Mabel Valdiviezo endures traumatizing experiences, depression, and cultural isolation while her family suffers the consequences of her mysterious disappearance. Years later, about to become a U.S. citizen, Mabel seeks to reunite with her parents while battling a life threatening illness. Would Mabel’s growing spirit of forgiveness, a new acceptance of responsibility, and courage to face the secrets from her past let her recover love and bring healing to herself and her family? Prodigal Daughter evokes universally resonant emotions as it explores the relationship between a daughter and her parents when geography, culture and mismatched expectations set them apart.

As of September 9, 2015, this project has achieved 93% funding $28,160 so far. It will only be funded if $30,000 is raised by Sep 14, 05:27PM GMT. To support this project donate:

Image courtesy of Prodigal Daughter.

Image courtesy of Prodigal Daughter.

Note: All images courtesy of Prodigal Daughter.