La Mission… from a thorn emerges a flower


La Mission, the latest film production from the Bratt brothers, has been making waves through out several theatres in California, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona.  Peter Bratt wrote and directed the movie, and Benjamin Bratt stars as the protagonist, Che Rivera.   

Close to home, the brothers draw from their experience growing up the Mission district of San Francisco to bring to life a movie capturing the turbulent relationship between a father and son.

La Mission tells of the story of widowed Che Rivera (Benjamin Bratt), reconciling his troubled past and raising his only son, Jes (Jeremy Ray Valdez), in the tough neighborhood in the Mission district.  La Mission keeps the audience intrigued with its many intricate story layers from Che’s struggle to accept the fact that his son is gay to the struggles and conflict within the barrio. 

Everything from the customs, the R&B music, imagery of classic low-rider cars and Azteca dancers, to the scenes of the Mission district set the backdrop for this strong story written and directed by Peter and the powerful performance by Benjamin.  This is a must-see movie that so many can relate to.

Staying true to the community and people, Peter and Benjamin Pratt have relentlessly attended the opening of several movie screenings with Q&A sessions and appearances. To stay posted on La Mission, join the over 25,000+ fans on Facebook to get the lowdown on new screenings, photos, and information on the film and crew.

This Friday, May 21, 2010 marks the opening of La Mission in the following cities: Modesto, Morgan Hill, Salinas, Monterey, Bakersfield, and more.  Don’t miss the opportunity to see and support this independent movie that represents our experiences and communities on the big screen.