Make Sure YOU Run the Day


by Arie Rose Martinez

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you,” said Jim Rohn. How many times have you woken up to a text message from your boss that makes you roll your eyes? How about when you are in the middle of an amazing dream and your dog starts barking to be let out? All you can do is wake up babbling under your breath. Then the moment comes when you get back in bed or roll over and close your eyes to try it all again. BAM, low and behold, you can’t fall back asleep. So now you are forced to simply get up and attempt to go about this day, which according to us, has now begun terribly.

Image courtesy of Arie Rose Martinez.

Image courtesy of Arie Rose Martinez.

Something we tend to be so dramatic over the smallest things and make them into these huge things. Next thing we know we are irritated and in a pissed off mood. You then run late, hit traffic, or the line at Starbucks is too long for coffee. WE ARE DOOMED, if we let these things get under our skin. I too use to be like this. Then one day I began to start my day every morning with a small prayer of gratitude. Thank you for another day, thank you for the roof over my head, thank you for my health, etc… When you begin your day with a thankful heart, little things don’t tend to stress you out. There is so much to be thankful for in life, small things we totally take for granted. I am far from being perfect and nailing this down, even after years of attempting this I still have to remind myself to help stay on this track.

Every morning I make it a must that I run my day, not to let my day run me. I refuse to let any small things have that big of an affect on my day. There have been times when I have let it take over my day and it’s like a trickle effect, more bad things keep on happening. Every morning make a declaration, “I have full control over my emotions.” This is not to be confused with I have full control over what happens to me. However, I have full control of how I feel and how I let things effect me when they happen in my day. I like to smile through out the day and say hello to people. I make it a point to say, “Hi, Have a blessed day” to at least 15 people I walk past on a daily basis. It makes me feel good to see people smile. You would be amazed at how many people you walk by and don’t even smile. These are the small things that make you feel genuinely good inside and happy. Next time you are having a “bad” day try this trick. Try smiling at people or even saying “Hello” to random people that walk past you. I will warn you some people will look at you like you are weird, but you’ll even see that those looks will make you giggle.

Do you have any tricks you do to keep you smiling through out the day? When you wake up and notice your day is starting off bad is there something you do to help get you back on track? Send me a message at and I can share some other tricks to our audience. Time to get back to work, may you all have a blessed day! XOXO Arie

Arie Rose Martinez is a Bay Area native Latina who thrives on positivity and inspiration. She is currently wrapping up her 3rd degree in May, which is a B.A in Film and TV production at SJSU. You can catch her at 5pm on Bay Area local show “Al Dia Con Leticia Mendoza” a few times per week. She has a passion for writing, reading, fitness and blogging. Her favorite pass time is going to dinner and the movies with her 13-year-old daughter. You can follow Arie on Facebook and Instagram.