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Latinas Contra Cancer

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Latinas Contra Cancer is raising awareness about cancer in the Latino community, increasing access to quality care, working to decrease mortality and improving the quality of the health care experience. One way we do this is by organizing a National Summit of stakeholders working on issues crucial to the progress of research, advocacy and progress of cancer in the Latin community. Participants are there to share, network, and collaborate as we move these issues forward.

Latinas Contra Cancer convenes the National Latino Cancer Summit inSan Francisco. Our third bi-­annual Summit is dedicated to exploring the environment, its impact on cancer and Latinos. Whether it’s a community of farmworkers exposed to pesticides, school children lacking access to physical activity, social stressors of the working poor or policies that by their nature create at risk neighborhoods, this suite of cultural, social, economic and toxic hazards, all seemingly contribute to increased risk. Latinas Contra Cancer is also proud to welcome multiple speakers who are influential in the Latino environmental health and cancer community.

This includes our first international guest speaker, Dr.Alejandro Mohar Betancourt, he comes to us from Mexico’s leading institution and governing body for cancer control.

Latinas Contra Cancer and the National Latino Cancer Summit

WHEN: July 23rd from 5pm-­7:30 pm, and 24th and 25th from 7am-­5pm

WHERE: UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center,1675 Owens Street, San Francisco,CA