“¡Piensa seguro, viaja seguro, mantente seguro!”


This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

by Linda Castillo

ChuttingtonArticleThis year my little one started preschool and it was so important that I teach her about car safety. Right now The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and Ludorum, the producers of the Chuggington™ television series created “¡Piensa seguro, viaja seguro, mantente seguro!” or ‘Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe!’, a Spanish-language public service program with an interactive website, www.chuggington.com/seguridad, that provides child transportation safety guidance to families with young children.

As part of this traffic safety campaign, kids can visit an interactive website designed for kids preschool-aged to 1st grade to learn about four main areas of safety: pedestrian, bus, bike and car seat safety. Kids will have fun with the ‘trainees’ of Chuggington, Wilson, Koko and Brewster while learning practical safety tips. There is a Spanish and English version of this great resource.

My daughter and I had a great time navigating through the website. She loved the game that asked safety questions and with each correct answer we moved forward to the finish line. In fact, we played that game a few times. Then we took the “Mi Comprimiso de Seguridad” a pledge to always buckle up, wear a helmet when riding a bike, and only cross the street with an adult. Afterwards, we colored the printable coloring pages. My daughter loves Koko so she enjoyed doing all the activities all the while learning important transportation safety tips.









ChuttingtonPromis2 ChuttingtonPromise3

Car crashes are the leading cause of death of children ages two through six. This great program will help you teach your kids practical tips that could save them from serious injury. So make visiting www.chuggington.com/seguridad a part of your back to school routine. For more information about “¡Piensa seguro, viaja seguro, mantente seguro!, visit www.chuggington.com/seguridad.

Linda Castillo is the Founder and Executive Editor of www.ModernLatina.com. She writes on topics that empower and inspire Latinas including art, motherhood, green living, culture, travel, and issues transforming the Latino community. Linda has earned a B.S. in Business and a M.S. in Mass Communications from San Jose State University.