Share your thoughts about a National Museum of the American Latino


What would a national museum that pays tribute to the art, culture, and history of Latinos mean to you? What would it mean to future generations? Right now the National Museum of the American Latino Commission, a 23-member congressionally mandated body, is tasked with providing Congress with a report on the feasibility of the potential creation of an American Latino Museum in Washington, D.C. The commission is presently seeking feedback and input through public forums and via online and the commission is scheduled to turn in all findings to Congress in September 2010.

As the Hispanic population becomes a larger portion of the US population, it is more important than ever to have a vessel that will strengthen the appreciation and education of the history and contributions of the American Latino. Although the Smithsonian Institute has a Latino Center whose mission is to “celebrate Latino culture, spirit, and achievement in America,” there is no official museum for the American Latino. Currently, there are two other museums dedicated to U.S. ethnic minorities including the Native American Museum opened in September 21, 2004 and  the National Museum of African American History and Culture is currently being constructed on the mall.

While Latinos share common threads in our history in America, we also have individual experiences that make each perspective different. The commission has a difficult task ahead to highlight all the unique perspectives of all Latinos from Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Bolivian, Costa Rican, and so many more. Personally, as a Mexican-American growing up in California, I envision the museum highlighting such historical events and contributions as the Bracero Program, Cesar Chavez/Dolores Huerta/United Farm Workers, Music (Tejano music, Selena), cinematic history (Zoot Suit, La Mission),  literary and theatrical contributions(Teatro Campesino), to name a few.

Now it’s your chance to be a part of history by sharing your views and input for the American Latino museum’s development and design. What do you want the American Latino Museum to have? Just fill out the Public Comment Form at: