Single Girl’s Guide to Survive Valentine’s Day


Photo courtesy of Feelart /

Photo courtesy of Feelart /

by Mari Twins

February is among us which means that love is lurking around the corner. Every February 14th, we celebrate Valentine’s Day by indulging in chocolates, heart shaped balloons, flowers and romantic dinners. Restaurants are filled with couples and everything around us inevitably reminds us that we are Solteras! If you do not have a significant other, if you have yet to find your Principe Azul, or simply do not have a date, do not despair. After all, Valentine’s Day is El Día del Amor y la Amistad, and you can express your love in many ways. This Valentine’s Day treat the day with enthusiasm, be optimistic and plan ahead. Here are a few tips that will help you make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable:

  1. Share the Love. Find the one person that loves you unconditionally, no matter what. Be sure to let this person know how important they are in your life. Consider being the first person to wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day with a phone call at the beginning of the day. You can also arrange to send them flowers with a sincere and loving note.
  2. Be Polite. Be sure to greet and smile at everyone you come across during the day. Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to start smiling. Do it now! You never know who Cupid has in mind for you.
  3. Volunteer. What better way to express love for life than by giving back to your community. Plan ahead and research how you can help. Contact hospitals, assisted living, or animal shelters. Valentine’s Day can be torturous for a lot of people and you can be that one person that lightens up the day for someone else.
  4. Treat Yourself. Schedule yourself a day of beauty and relaxation. Set up appointments now for hair and nails. Take advantage of the Spa Certificate you received during the Holidays. This is your time to detach and treat yourself to the best.
  5. It’s Your Lucky Day! Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, which means girls night out! Be sure to arrange to go out with all your single friends. Check out eclectic places that are having single events and surely it will be a night to remember.

Although Valentine’s Day may be tough on people who are single, we should never allow this to ruin our day. It’s normal to feel lonely once in a while but always keep in mind that there are many people who love us. We were created to live, to grow, to love and always move forward. Always take notice how blessed you are and enjoy life! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Maribel and Marisol Joven, better known as the Mari Twins were born in New York City from Ecuadorian and Spaniard Parents and they serve as positive role models in their community. They are passionate about their culture, health and wellness, education, and fashion. Currently residing in New Jersey, Maribel and Marisol have successful careers in the Education and Healthcare fields. Maribel and Marisol’s efforts to better the well-being of others or create awareness can be found in their volunteer work. The Mari Twins are proud to represent the Icla DaSilva Foundation, Literacy Volunteers of America, Handfuls of Hope, and are Sunday School Teachers at their local church. These young ladies are also involved in pageantry. Maribel is the current Ms. Latina Galaxy and former Ms. Belleza Latina International 2013. Marisol is the current Ms. New Jersey Belleza Latina. They are proof that through hard work, dedication, and passion anything can be accomplished. In addition to their professional responsibilities and spending time with family and friends, their other interests include travelling, music, movies, reading and concerts. The Mari Twins think it is important to inspire, educate, motivate and support others. They strongly believe that anyone can achieve their goals. You can learn more about the Mari Twins and their work as Community Activists on