Staying Slim During the Holiday Season


by Healthy Latina in the City

Staying on track and focused during the holiday season –  Is it possible?

How many of us have said around this time of year that:

 “The following year is going to be my year to get in shape.”

“I am going to make some serious health and exercise changes for my news years resolution” 

“I am going to exercise every day, eat very healthy and lose 20 pounds.”

“Since I have a few weeks until the new year why not enjoy the holidays leading up to the New Year and eat everything because once the New Year starts….everything is going to change.”

Sound familiar?

How about instead of that, we just start now? Keeping the weight off during the holidays can be hard. The battle really starts on October 31, Halloween, and is pretty much downhill straight on to January 1. So with all the food and events how do we keep the weight off or at least maintain our weight? It is almost impossible.

Staying Slim During the HolidaysWe have all heard over the years that Americans can gain anywhere from 5-10 pounds over the holiday season. Since I am already trying to peel off a few pounds, at the minimum I would like to maintain my weight.   But this will be difficult. I will have multiple holiday parties, a Christmas Eve feast, a Christmas Day feast and the week between Christmas and New Year’s visiting with family, which equals lots of food.

These types of events can put us off from our regular routine…so what do we do? I don’t want to be a drag at every party and feel like I am deprived of all the holiday goodies. The question is how do we do it, stay strong and happy?  For me the best thing to do is go into the holiday season with an action plan.

My plan starts here:

What is my goal?

  1. At the very least to maintain my weight.
  2. Do not feel deprived of all the food and festivities.

Steps to not gaining weight over the holidays:

  1. Track weight. Weigh yourself before all the festivities begin. Weigh yourself once a week at the same time to track your weight.
  2. On days with parties or events work out or go for a walk.
  3. On days with parties or events eat a good healthy breakfast and lunch so you can indulge a little at night.
  4. Plan ahead; on days with parties or events do not show up starving. Showing up starving can result in overeating on appetizers, cocktails and food.
  5. Portion control. Try island eating. Fill up your plate but do not let anything touch each other. A little taste of everything will go a long way.
  6. When indulging at parties make sure it is worth it.  Ask yourself: Is this something I can have everyday or make easily myself (mashed potatoes)? Or is this something that I can only eat once per year, cannot make myself or does not compare to anything in the store (like your Tia’s homemade pasteles or tamales)?
  7. When indulging in something not so healthy, do not go overboard. You don’t want to make yourself sick.
  8. Don’t take food home.
  9. If you are the party host, send food home with other people.
  10. Buddy up with an amiga. Find someone who is on the same page as you so you can talk about what is going on, how you are handling things and go for walks together.
  11. After the holidays create a new manageable plan for the New Year.

The holiday season can be a difficult time for those working to maintain or lose weight. But going into it with a plan can make you feel good and be in control of your situation. Good luck through the holiday season amigas. You can do it!!!

Healthy Latina in the City is a contributing writer with a personal passion for nutrition and healthy living. While she is not a nutritionist, doctor, or personal trainer she wants to take you on her journey to live a healthy lifestyle and share tips that have worked for her to incorporate good health and nutrition into your life.