The Art of Contouring


by Delilah Montoya

Photo credits: nuvoTV

Looking for that Kim Kardashian flawless face? Do you want to achieve that JLo Glo? If so, keep reading along and learn the secrets in the art of contouring.

The act of contouring is using make-up to help define your facial features.  With the right tools and proper technique, you can make your cheek bones pop, your nose look thinner, accentuate your jawline and even make your skin glow.  Like everything contouring will take practice, so take your time, have fun and always remember BLENDING is key.

First off you will need to have some beauty tools and the right makeup products:

  • Angled or dome contour brush
  • Bronzer (Shade or two darker than your actual skin tone)
  •  Make-up sponge or stippling brush
  • Concealer that is 2-3 Shades lighter than your skin
  • Small dome blending eye shadow brush
  • Powder or liquid highlighter
  • Angled or round blush brush
  • Powder or cream blush

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Step 1:  Prep

Start off by prepping your skin with primer and begin applying your foundation as you normally would.

Step 2:  Brighten

Using a concealer 2-3 shades lighter than your skin apply under the eyes in a triangular shape extending all the way on top cheekbones and blending it out with your ring finger or makeup sponge upward toward the temples.

Step 3:  Bronzer

Apply bronzer to your contour brush and sweep under your cheekbones into the hallows of your cheeks starting from the center of your ear towards your mouth in a downward motion. Also buff bronzer into your temples this will enhance the eyes by deepening the crease. Add bronzer under your jaw line, chin, and down the sides of your neck. This will make your round face look more elongated. Don’t forget blend some of the bronzer into your hairline, this helps to shorten the forehead. Next is your nose, using a small blending eye shadow brush start from the bridge and blend straight down and the across the tip. This will make your nose appear thinner and longer.

Step 4: Blush

Using a blush brush or stippling brush apply your favorite powder or cream blush to the apples of  your cheek working up toward your temples . This should be right above the bronzer you applied parallel to your jaw line.

Step 5: Highlighter

Using a liquid or powder highlighter and small blending brush  apply to the center of your chin and the middle of your forehead.  Sweep highlighter on your brows by applying above your the arch and under your brow bone this will lift the brow. Add to the center of  your nose and dab in your cupids bow this will make their shape more prominent. For an extra glow add just a touch on to the apple of your cheeks just above your blush.

*Make sure everything is well blended and that there are no sharp lines.

Voila- you have a beautiful defined flawless Kim K face with a Sunny JLo glow! Enjoy!

Delilah Montoya, lives in San Jose and is a mother of two. She works in the Silicon Valley and also runs her own makeup business Fancy that Face Beauty and blog Fancy That!. She has been passionate about makeup, beauty and fashion since she was a young girl. She is a self-taught artist who has worked along side some amazing artist for companies such as Bare Escentuals and MAC Cosmetics. During her free time she enjoys spending time with her children, family and friends. Her hobbies include reading, dancing, music, cooking and anything fashion and beauty related.