The Best Colors For Fall


We’re well into autumn now, and that means we’ve successfully established the season’s trends for 2016. Choker necklaces and velvet tops are definitely all the rage, but it’s the colors that are really turning heads. We’re certainly not short on inspiration this year!

Pantone recently released a report on fashionable autumn colors. Among the ten selections from the world’s authority on color are seasonally appropriate hues that reflect the changing landscape, including reds, browns, and oranges. But it was their unconventional choices that served as a welcomed surprise. Pantone’s experts also selected a botanical green, two shades of blue, and a silver tone called “Sharkskin.”

Image courtesy of Stay Garcia

Image courtesy of Stay Garcia

Each color makes the piece they adorn even more beautiful, so it’s no surprise that designers have developed a penchant for them. Several major designers are taking advantage of the palette with the collection from Banjo & Matilda on Lyst making full use of the blues and grays. Shades of sharkskin adorn Banjo Matilda’s full-body jumpers, as well as the coziest looking, tassel-fringed cardigans you can imagine. You can also find the “Airy Blue” shade on the Isle Intarsia-knit Jumper, and “Riverside” blue on the Peace-intarsia Cashmere Jumper.

The only color from Pantone’s selection that hasn’t caught on seems to be the botanical green shade, “Lush Meadow.” But it’s possible that the shade is just flying under the radar for the time being. It would certainly be just as stunning on a sweater as Pantone’s other choices.

But maybe institutions don’t inspire you. Maybe you would rather find your inspiration in everyday life.

Well, if you want to go outside the box, you could pull inspiration from the season’s most popular drink, the pumpkin spice latte. Yes, this orange-brown rust color is popping up in more places than Starbucks this season. According to an article from US Magazine, stars such as Olivia Munn, Lucy Hale, and Olivia Palermo all recently stepped out wearing the easily identifiable color of the festive, seasonal drink.

Swift and Hale paired their pumpkin spice tops with a sensible pair of black trousers, while Munn wore hers with a complementary tulip skirt. However, Palermo went all out with a trench cardigan and matching pair of slacks. Even if you don’t like the beverage, these ladies certainly make the color appealing.

If you’re in the market for some fall hues, grab a new ensemble in Pantone’s patented choices, or the pumpkin spice color if you’re feeling bold. After all, it’ll be time for peppermint mochas before you know it.