The National Hispanic University Launches New Online M.B.A. Degree Program


As the world becomes more culturally diverse and globally connected, the need for versatile business leaders with knowledge and insight into U.S. and global multicultural markets continues to grow. To help meet this demand, The National Hispanic University (NHU) is introducing an online Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) program, offering students a broad base of technical managerial skills and real-world insight into growing businesses and the emerging U.S. Hispanic and diverse global markets.

In NHU’s new online M.B.A. program, students will learn how to evaluate the financial position of organizations, create marketing and communication strategies and analyze trends and research that are driving growth in global and multicultural U.S. markets. The program includes several unique features designed to enhance a student’s learning experience, including:

  • Personalized Career Management Services: Students formulate and assess career development plans and measure the progress they are making toward their goals. Students also receive personalized and ongoing career coaching sessions with experienced business professionals.
  • Business Leadership Mentoring Program: Students connect virtually with a mentor selected from a network of more than 85 Fortune 500 companies in more than 15 industries to learn about general trends in an industry and to receive advice on how to grow and thrive in their chosen field.
  •  Exclusive Speaker Series: This program features exclusive online access to interviews and discussions with business leaders renowned in their fields, including marketer and best-selling author Seth Godin , Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and Francisco Gonzalez , chairman and CEO of BBVA, among others.

“NHU’s M.B.A. program is unique as it prepares future business leaders to seize opportunity in the emerging U.S. Hispanic and multicultural markets. The U.S. Hispanic market alone has the fastest-growing consumer segment in the country with an estimated annual buying power of $1.5 trillion,” said Dr. David Lopez, president of NHU. “In our program, students will be exposed to business practices that affect today’s culturally diverse world while gaining the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in their careers.”

Students can enroll in the General Program, which prepares them to run a successful business, or choose a specialization in Hispanic Marketing, which focuses on strategies for reaching a culturally diverse customer base.

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