Gray Hairs: Treatments and Solutions


by Rachel Ramirez

For some, finding the first gray hair may be a beginning sign of youth fading, but luckily, there are several products available that may help slow down the rate of grays and possibly restore lost pigment.  As someone who experiences genetic premature graying, I found my first gray hair at age 13. Then, in my mid-twenties, the grays started slowly showing along the top of my hairline, and now, the grays are prevalent along my hairline and temples. Interested, and curious, about how to approach these telltale signs of aging? Consider trying these gray hair treatments (note: the author has tried all of the mentioned treatments).

Go Away Gray Vitamin Supplement, $29.99 for 90 capsules

What it is: Go Away Gray (GAG) contains Catalase, an enzyme that occurs naturally in the human body but decreases with age. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is also naturally produced by the body, and high levels of H2O2 may contribute to graying. Catalase breaks down the unusually high level of H2O2 that some individuals create, thus helping with slowing down the rate of gray hair growth. GAG also contains a high level of copper, which also aids in restoration of pigment in gray hairs, and vitamins and minerals including B6, folate, biotin, calcium and zinc. Since GAG does not contain fat-soluble vitamins, it can be taken safely alongside a regular daily multi-vitamin.

Results: After taking for 30 days, gray hairs had a slight golden-brown tint, looking a little like highlighted grays. Finished one bottle but did not continue due to cost ($45 per bottle at the time).

Gray Magic Concentrate Color Additive, approximately $9 per box

What it is: A color additive with the texture of a fine liquid and the color of chocolate syrup that’s added to the mixture of developer and hair color, Gray Magic works by restoring the lost neutral red and yellow pigments that gray hair needs. Gray Magic works by lifting the hair’s cuticle away from the cortex (inner layer of a hair strand), which allows for the color to penetrate and helps grays to absorb color by almost 90%.

Results:All stubborn and resistant grays were covered and I didn’t have to pluck any remaining strays after coloring and blow-drying. However, hair growth varies per person, and Gray Magic, as great as it worked to cover stubborn grays, did not slow down the growth and I still had to touch-up roots in two weeks.

Phyto Phytodensium Anti-Aging Serum, $32 fo 1.7 oz

What it is: A serum that’s applied to clean, damp scalp (not strands) to help strengthen existing strands and to slow down hair’s aging process. Formulated with botanics such as Blackcurrant Extract and Walnut Extract and pro-vitamins such as B5 and B6, it has a lightweight, watery texture that’s silicon-free, has a slight fragrance and does not weigh down roots.

Results: After using for six months (from the middle of December 2011 to the middle of June 2012), grays had the same golden-brown tint as the results with GAG. Roots did look thicker and fuller and the serum did not interfere with other styling products.

Ritz Hazan Root Concealer ($24)

What it is: A spray-on, instant color with a precision nozzle that deposits color on grays only. In five natural shades and two recent additions for highlights (Platinum Blonde and Golden Blonde).

Results: Great, natural tones that blend away grays without looking obvious. However, if you like to run your fingers through your hair, the color is easily transferable.

Final analysis: Hair growth varies per individual, including the rate at which grays grow. For years, I touched up my roots every four weeks, then gradually, every three weeks, and now, every two weeks. Instead of being frustrated, I’ve become a pro at home coloring and learned to embrace the fact that I have a healthy scalp and my hair is strong and intact.

Rachel Ramirez has written for Modern Latina since 2006, in addition to  Many of her articles reflect her interest and specialty in skin, beauty, and nutrition.  Rachel received her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from San Jose State University and currently is a skincare expert with Sephora.