Life by Your Design #LoveYourLife



by Tarra Flores Sloan

There is a 3,500 square foot house on an acre lot, with an Olympic-sized pool and spa, basketball court, volleyball, pond, gardens–just gorgeous, that I passed on my way to work, (an hour each way), that I always wondered about. I was a single mom doing my best to get ahead, to learn, to grow. It was a tall order for a California home. Who in the world lives there, was what I was thinking. What do they have to do for a living to afford that? A few years later, I was living in that house. With my family. I painted the Kings NBA logo on the court. You know, for when helicopters flew by wondering who lives there.

What would it take to have the life you have always wanted, and effortlessly? Have you ever asked the question, “what would my life be like if______?” Have you ever said, “if I had the money I would help that person…”? I want you to imagine for a moment that all of your dreams suddenly came true. Every single one. (Try not to get stuck on the “how” part, here). Just imagine that every wish you ever had about the life of the person you most admire, is now happening to you. Imagine the love you feel, the security of knowing you are set. Imagine what new dreams you can have now that everything you ever wanted is here now. You are currently living in the home you always wanted. You are driving and parking the many cars you always wanted, in the dream house. Your career or dream job is the most amazing and you are so passionate about what you do for a living that it never feels like work. You make your own hours, have the time for family and giving to your community and yourself.  You are able to bless your family the way you have always imagined, monetarily and with your time. You have set your family and loved ones up for a life of success in the present time and the future.  You are now traveling to the places you always saw in magazines and on television, and with the partner of your dreams because you are now in the relationship you always wanted to be in. You are experiencing this dream life inside the healthy body, mind and spirit you always wanted—having the life you always wanted. What would life look like for you? For your family? For your community? How you would be contributing to making not just your world, but the entire world, a better place?

Here is the most important part of the life we are all living. We already have the life we have always wanted. Every day you are working toward the life you wanted, 5 or even 10 years ago. What does this mean? You are not the same person and you don’t have the same life you did in years past. You might even work in the same job—but the difference is that you have years of experience built up now and this is progress. Progress.

Whether there is something you want to work towards, or something you want to just plain manifest out of nowhere, everything in your life is a creation and designed by you. This is the amazing news and if you were looking for a sign, this is it. You are your own Life Designer. What would you love to design? What can you dream up right now, in this moment? If money was not an issue, who would you bless? What debt would you pay off? Whose life could you help transform, forever? What charity do you believe in so deeply, you would donate to?

For me, the family life I experienced growing up in, was such a way that I wanted different for my own family. When I was in a place where I could choose, I began writing down exactly what I wanted. “A letter to the Universe.” I wrote down pages of details I wanted for my life. There were hundreds of lines, and several different colors of ink. I don’t remember the exact moments writing, but it must have been over the period of days. At some point, I stuck this letter under my mattress and forgot about it. The next time I would see the letter, my fiancée would discover it. He found it as we were moving into our new incredible dream house and getting married that week.

So my question to you is: are you living your most ultimate dream yet?

If the answer is no, here is your chance to design your life. Here is your chance to write the short version of a Letter To The Universe.

Here is your challenge.

Welcome to the 21-Day, Love Your Life Challenge.

Beginning today and for the next 21 days I challenge you to do something your future self will thank you for. Do something that will get you closer to working toward your dream(s).

Take the following steps to do this:

  • What do you dream about? Identify your dream. Take a picture of your dream, or dreams. Is it a vacation? A new job? Graduating college? A new house? Meeting your idol? Writing a book? Maybe there are several dreams, find pictures of them all!
  • What would it take to get you there? Identify the steps you need to take to get to your dream. Saving money? Taking additional coursework? Filling out applications? Exclaiming to the world your dream and having an accountability partner? Write down all the steps, and snap a picture!
  • Let’s do this, now. Take action. Daily. For the next 21 days, take pictures of you affirming your goals. Do this by writing down I AM statements…I AM working toward my goal, I AM achieving my dreams, I AM attracting all the tools I need to achieve my goals. Take a picture or a video of you stating your daily affirmation(s), or the steps you already took to get you closer to achieving your goal(s).

#LoveYourLife selfie time. Post your pictures on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #LoveYourLife and tag Modern Latina by 2/29/16* for a chance to win my latest book that was #1 Best Seller on New Years Day, Manifest It All, Because Why Not You.

Let’s see what you can dream up and design in the next few weeks. Show the world, show yourself, how you can Love Your Life into the life of your dreams.

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ManifestitallTarra Flores Sloan is an author, speaker, energy therapy practitioner, coach, angel investor, artist, and most importantly a wife and mom of 3.  Tarra was recently featured in The Business Journal and Empowering Women talk show, as well as receiving a Best of 2015 Thumbtack for Professionals award, is co-founder of Heart Entrepreneurs Association, International—a hub to empower people in mind, body, spirit, business, community and world…and on new year’s Day 2016 hit the #1 Best Sellers list on Amazon for her most recent book Manifest It All: Because Why Not You.  Tarra is also known for her children’s book series Izzy Bella.