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For the month of April I’ll be guiding you on a journey to heal your heart, open your heart to the vibration of pure love and assist you in experiencing love for yourself as the beautiful and truly extraordinary being you are. There is no one else on earth just like you and for the month of April we’re going to celebrate and get in touch with YOU. You will be learning how to appreciate who you are, right NOW without having to change anything. Yes, I said “you don’t have to change anything.”

Have you been waiting to lose 10 pounds to feel better about yourself? Is your self-appreciation and confidence tied to a job title or how much money you are making or not making? Are you your own worst judge, criticizing yourself in your mind constantly? All these types of “only if” and “when” situations limit your ability to love yourself and as a by-product, limits your joy and peace. How can you feel peace in your heart if you’re afraid you’re not good enough at work and someone someday will finally realize it? How can you feel joy and a deep connection with your child or partner when with love and honesty they say to you “you look beautiful” and instead your mind tells you “I’m not good enough.” You can’t. “I’m not good enough” just robbed you of joy and receiving love.


How we feel about ourselves impacts how we navigate our life experience. As a healer, I honor the uniqueness of every person who comes into my healing space. What creates joy or peace for one person is totally different from the next. A huge part of “healing” is letting go of all the negative energy and baggage (mental and emotional) a person may be carrying so they can just be themselves, be at peace and move towards what creates happiness in their lives. After many years as a healer and experiencing my own healing journey, I often tell people “after all the healings, after all the meditating, workshops and journaling and mantras I came to realize there wasn’t anything I actually had to do expect love myself.” I can now stand with confidence and say that I haven’t really changed all that much, all that’s happened is I was able to let go of my own self-judgments and other baggage that weighed me down. As I did, I was able to love myself more, love and honor other people more and I experienced much less fear. I felt free, free to be myself.

Let’s talk about the next month and how this challenge will work. I have created a series of challenges for you to practice each week. These challenges come from my perspective as a light healer and helping many people let go of what doesn’t serve them so they can heal their heart, love themselves as they are and thus have love to give to others. There will be exercises and accompanying them will be guided meditations, which will help accelerate and deepen your healing and ability to love yourself. You don’t need any meditation experience before. There is no right or wrong way to listen to the guided meditations – just find a quiet spot, hit play and follow along. These meditations are just as important as the exercises so don’t skip them! I will be also sending light and prayers to everyone who is participating. Set your intention to receive the benefits of the prayers and good vibes I will be sending and you will receive them.

Here are some tips for your self-love journey:

  • Be kind to yourself, if you find yourself forgetting to do something, please don’t use this as further proof that somehow you aren’t good enough. Throw that %$# out the window!
  • Journal – even if it’s a few sentences a day about your experience, it will help integrate the changes and healing that is happening.
  • Set your intention – Have the intention to love yourself as you never have before. I like symbolic gestures. If you like, create a little ceremony as you begin this journey. Light a candle, say a prayer or a few words stating your intention to love yourself and ask for help and guidance from the Angels, Creator, Ancestors or Universe. Whatever/whomever resonates with you on a spiritual level- It doesn’t matter we are all ONE.
  • I want you to focus on each week’s challenge; therefore I will not be publishing the activities for each week beforehand. Please sign up for updates on my website so you can be reminded that you set your intention to love yourself!
  • Sign Up for Updates – Go to when you sign up for updates I will also send you an invitation to the Secret “Love Yourself Challenge” group using that email address.
  • Participate in the Facebook Secret “Love Yourself Challenge” Group – I created a Facebook page for you to share your experiences and receive support. Opening your heart is warrior work and you might find yourself getting emotional or having “aha” moments along the way. Knowing you aren’t alone and you have a supportive community will help you continue to put one foot in front of the other even when you hit a speed bump.

I leave you with a full heart, knowing that you are perfect as you are. Completely worthy of love and respect and I wish for you all the happiness and peace in your life that I know you deserve. When you love yourself, you will see that very clearly as well and thus the details and decisions of your life will follow.



Week 1 Video:

Week 2 Video:

Week 3 Video:

Loads of love and blessings,

Master Light Healer, Healer of the heart

Yesenia Cardona is a Life Coach, Master Light Healer, and mother. If she had a personal motto it would be “Love Yourself, Love Others”. Her spiritual practice of opening her heart to receive the Creator’s love and sharing it with others creates the foundation of her coaching, healing and meditation work. By focusing on the Divine spark and the Creators love within all of her clients she is able to help them create powerful, positive, loving changes in their lives. Yesenia studied Advertising and Chicano Studies at San Jose State. She worked in the corporate world for 17 years in London, San Francisco and New York until she decided to commit herself to being of service to others. She has been studying and practicing her healing gifts under the tutelage of Alba Ambert, founder of the Paramita Path (, a heart based spiritual practice and healing modality. She currently lives in Napa, CA with her daughter. For more information about Yesenia and her work visit or you can contact her at