Lifeables Offers a New Way to Create a Virtual Scrapbook


by Linda Castillo

We have all heard the saying “A picture says a thousand words.” That quote is so true. Sometimes I am lucky enough to capture that perfect moment such as my daughter making a silly face or she is inquisitively looking and touching a flower. It is those moments that I want to share with family and friends. And because my little one is growing so fast I especially want to share photos with family and friends who live far away and who don’t get to see her that often.


Photo courtesy of Lifeables

Presently, I use Facebook to share photos and precious moments about my little one. But what about the family and friends that may not be on Facebook and other social media channels? My family and friends who aren’t on the social media channels get lost in the shuffle. Lifeables is a new service that provides a secure and free option to share your children’s important milestones and it works perfectly for any one who has access to the internet. This is an important feature for grandparents who are comfortable using the internet but are not on Facebook.

So what makes Lifeables different from any other photo website? Lifeables is the first service that automates the entire process of capturing, sorting through, organizing and displaying your family stories. Lifeables automatically collects all relevant pictures, posts, and videos about your children and gives you the option to select which ones should be included in your children’s virtual scrapbook.

One of the things that I like about Lifeables is that it saves time for us busy moms. You won’t have to worry about uploading and compiling photos from various social media sites because Lifeables does all the work for you. All you have to do is pick which memories you want to be a part of your virtual scrapbook.

Note: This post is compensated and in collaboration with Lifeables and Latina Bloggers Connect. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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