Story of the Sunburned Bride


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by Linda Castillo

I put so much time into creating my special look for the big day.  I considered all the details from the classic wedding dress, the beaded veil, stylish shoes, make-up colors to the hair style. Everything was taken care of except for my skin. Since I was married in November my skin was dull and pale, and I was determined to get a tan.

I am not a big fan of tanning salons because of the negative effects to the body. However, in preparation for my big day, my sister and I purchased 10 sessions each to get that natural glow. It seemed like a good idea at first. I would have a natural glow at the wedding, I would look thinner, and I would have my base tan ready for my honeymoon in Mexico.

Sunburned Before Wedding Day

Here I am at the rehearsal dinner and my chest is about 25 shades darker than my face!

The idea would have been great if I had spread the sessions over a long period of time.  Since I was so busy with wedding and entertaining duties the weeks leading up to the wedding I started the tanning sessions only a week before the wedding. Against the attendant’s recommendation of going at a low level and spacing out my tanning session appointments, I went to daily appointments. I still didn’t see any change in my skin shade so two days before the wedding I asked the lady to go at the highest level. I woke up the next morning and my chest was BURNED! 

I tried to jump in the shower to see if it would calm the redness down and the shower did just the opposite making it worse. I freaked out. I was desperate for a solution so I went back to the tanning salon to see if there was anything they could do to fix my sunburn. Thankfully, they offered a solution that I get a spray tan to even out the sunburn. But event with the spray tan my chest was still red at my rehearsal dinner.  

I did my best to get a good night’s rest and on the morning of my wedding I took a long, relaxing shower and used a loofah with my favorite Dove body wash to gently exfoliate my skin. Thankfully the fix had worked, on the day of my wedding my skin glowed – in a good way!

So learn from my experience and don’t double up on the tanning booth sessions the week before your wedding! Or better yet skip the tanning salon all together.

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