Get Motivated for a Healthy New You


by Danielle Rodriguez

As the New Year rolls around we’re faced with the same daunting question….What will your New Year’s Resolution be? And of course the answer is to shed those last 15 pounds. I’m not ashamed to say it, I say it every year.  We’ve all said it, right?

This week I had the privilege of sitting down with Fitness and Lifestyle Coach Angela Zapien, owner of the South Bay’s premier fitness camp, The Pink Ladies Boot Camp, which she runs with her husband Alex.  Angela and Alex created a fitness ministry in May 2010 to help women of all levels of fitness get motivated (and stay motivated), have faith, establish a workout regimen, live a healthy lifestyle and more importantly learn to have confidence in themselves.  PLBC caters to women of all ages and all walks of life. Coach Angela aspires to challenge women to become courageous and fearless, to overcome obstacles and reach for their goals.

Angela Zapien from Pink Ladies Boot Camp


What inspired you to become a Fitness/Life Coach? What inspired me to become a Fitness Coach was a blessing in disguise.  I had lost my job working in Corporate America after 9 years.  I knew that I didn’t want to go back and work in an office for 8 hours, let alone be micro-managed.  I had my fair share of that. I’ve always had a passion for fitness and helping others so I knew that being a Fitness Coach of some sort would be ideal for me.  I literally took a leap of faith and just posted on Facebook, asking anyone who wanted/needed help in getting into shape.  From there I started with a few ladies,  we met up at a local park and just starting exercising.  I then started to spend time studying to be a “Fitness Coach”, applying my workout technique but I knew there was something missing.  CONFIDENCE!  Women need confidence, they need accountability and they need someone to motivate them.  From there, I just ran with it!  I would share my knowledge, my struggles and my accomplishments and I have just been blessed by it all.  

Many people resolve to become healthier/fit at the New Year. What are tips you have for sticking to those resolutions? In order to stick with any type of resolutions, I believe you need to have goals, a positive attitude, faith, a support team and be willing to put in work!  This is a formula that I teach my clients and it seems to be working. Sticking to resolutions/goals is a challenge but if you just hold on and believe in yourself you will achieve anything you set your heart and mind to.  I train my clients and give them the tools to empower themselves.

There’s a new trend called “Clean Eating”, what exactly is that and why is it good for you? On top of working out it’s very vital that one eats healthy or “Clean Eating”.  I got introduced to clean eating a few years ago and at first I thought “No Way, I can’t eat like that!”  But once I applied a few principles, such as cutting out processed foods, soda, junk food and replacing with lean proteins, veggies/fruits and lots of water, I started to see results.  I’m a strong believer in eating clean in order to see results in weight loss, toning and overall wellness.  Do you have to eat clean all the time?  No.  We all deserve a reward meal once a week.  It can be your favorite fast food chain restaurant, glass of wine or a cupcake – which is my favorite reward meal!!!  I suggest the book to anyone that wants to learn better eating habits, The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook: Great-Tasting Recipes That Keep You Lean by Tosca Reno.  She is my inspiration.

As a Fitness/Life coach what are the biggest challenges or obstacles you see/hear from your clients? The biggest obstacles that I see/hear from my clients are EXCUSES!  There is never enough time, I’m too tired, I just can’t, it’s too hard – the list goes on and on.  But in order to reach your goals and live a happy lifestyle you have to toss out the excuses and put in the work. We are all busy working, being mothers, work, college and just everyday challenges.  But if you really want to better yourself, you have put in the work.

Pink Ladies Boot Camp

You own and operate the Pink Ladies Boot Camp; what is your goal for the business and what do you hope your clients gain from the PLBC experience? I have high hopes for The Pink Ladies Boot Camp and I am very passionate about what I do.  My greatest rewards from mentoring other ladies is seeing them progress in their lives.  Whether it be losing weight, transforming their mind/heart, increasing their faith or just having a positive lifestyle.  My goals for this year for PLBC are to continue to help my community, share my faith with the ladies and be on a  stage somewhere at a Women’s Conference.  I truly believe there are many women out there that can benefit from the support and motivation from PLBC, whether they are in my backyard or in another country.  PLBC is not just a place to come and workout, it’s more than that!  We have prayer (optional), fellowship, one on one coaching and they know I am here for them.  The workouts are just a small fraction of what we do.

What advice do you have for women who aspire to own their own business?  We have all been blessed with a talent and if you are truly passionate about your talent, go for it!  Have FAITH and BELIEVE in yourself!!!   My faith and my belief in myself have gotten me where I am today.  I thank God everyday for PLBC!

5 Tips for a healthier lifestyle:

  1. Prayer – Spend time daily in your faith. Quiet meditation.
  2. Water – Drink plenty of it daily.
  3. Sleep – Be sure to allow your body and mind time to rest.
  4. Supportive Network – Surround yourself with positive and encouraging people.
  5. Balanced Life – Juggle work and home delicately. They go hand in hand.

The Pink Ladies Boot Camp class consists of cardio and strength training workouts. “Think outside the gym” is their motto and bootcampers come prepared to workout rain or shine.  For more information, class schedules, daily motivation/inspiration, exercise and eating tips, visit The Pink Ladies Boot Camp on Facebook at . Now drop and give me 20!!

Danielle Rodriguez lives in San Jose, CA with her husband and three children. She works in Silicon Valley and also runs a home based skincare business. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling to her favorite spot in Cabo San Lucas and sharing good food and wine! She’s a native San Josean and received her BS in Public Relations from San Jose State University.